Opposers of criminals (vet) plastic surgery are natural people.
Representatives of environmentally cleansers are natural models.
Anthem divas are naturally bright. Sober politicians agree with them.



idesz party

Mentalists Can Check Scientists


The power of media can prevail, where the mayor is a skilled worker. Theoretical knowledge is indirect knowledge. Cultural elites are comparable only from outside. Career choice is often made prior to the 18th birthday, so this is role choice of incapacitated people. Pride is instinctive compulsion. Careerists live for awareness raising imitation. Autistic people calculate good, if it is passive toying. The public use of Dr. name prefix means the decrease of sincere humility. If you call yourself intelligent, you boast of decreasing intelligence, because it decreases after a young age. Collar-wearing has relation to motivation. Those who choose collar-styled clothes have some sort of motivation in relation to their own situation. When these clothes are being worn, the collar reminds the wearer of this motivation. (The use of leash and collar influence the dog's movement and its motivation towards movement, with a loosened leash the collar reminds the dog of this motivation.) So only one relation is between motivation and collar-wearing.

Soccer balls are "transparent"
role props.