Opposers of criminals (vet) plastic surgery are natural people.
Representatives of environmentally cleansers are natural models.
Anthem divas are naturally bright. A ready orator can imitate them.



  §idesz party    

Presidential Walk in Brussels

The list of the rich is a matter of prestige. I place a valid lottery ticket in the mailbox of those who appear on that list in order to estimate they money more difficult. The number of billboards is excessive. If they are on an echoing wall, then I will shout a company name at it (so that it will not only advertise one company, but a competitor's name as well). Those who donate money in a church, I would ask them to donate blood, what is verifiable. Where the parking is expensive I write: "For rented cars too?" on a parking ticket and I hand it over to a controller. I show an interest in others problems, because it is useful to me.

Pride is Compulsion

The power of media can prevail, where the mayor is a skilled worker. Mentalists can check scientists. Elites are comparable only from outside. Theoretical knowledge is indirect knowledge. Career choice is often made prior to the 18th birthday, so this is role choice of incapacitated people. Autistic people calculate good, if it is passive toying. The use of Dr. prefix means decreasing interest. Career is preprogrammed self-realization. If you call yourself intelligent, you boast of decreasing intelligence, because it decreases after a young age. Collar-wearing means motivation. Those who choose collar-styled clothes have some sort of motivation in relation to their own situation. When these clothes are being worn, the collar reminds the wearer of this motivation. (The use of leash and collar influence the dog's movement and its motivation towards movement, with a loosened leash the collar reminds the dog of this motivation.) So only one relation is between motivation and collar-wearing.